Often times, in the middle of all these chaos, trying our best to be the super hero and taking care of everyone, we tend to forget about taking care of ourselves. 

We strongly feel that before we take care of our loved ones, we should take care of ourselves. Our brand name Pari is a reflection of every women out there who are like a Pari for everyone. So PARI aims to remind every Pari out there to not forget about taking care of them selves first so that they can be the Pari for their loved ones. 

Here we asked few of our precious Pari to tell us something about them. 
Because every women as something we can learn from. 
Let's read what some of our Pari likes about them selves that makes them who they are!

What do you like the most about yourself? 

Chhimmi Dholkar Gurung (Follow)

"There's quite a few things I like about myself but one thing that has been consistent throughout my life is creativity! It defines me as a person and I don't think I'd be ME without it. I think life would be really boring!

Now, my creativity allows me to earn a living doing what I love! Not a lot of people can say that! I feel very lucky and fortunate!"- Chimmi Dholkar Gurung

Rajani Gurung (Follow)

"I like my dedication to the betterment of myself. I enjoy expressing through my work and think outside the box which allows me to be creative. Above all, I believe in myself, being resilience and persevere through difficult times. There is more to makeup than just pretty face. - Rajani Gurung


Sara Chamling Rai (Follow)

 "What I like most about myself is that I have the ability to accept and honour the fact that I am not a perfect human being. I am still learning everyday to lead a meaningful life. I am very optimistic, calm person and believer of karma." Sara Chamling Rai


Sushma Karki (Follow)

 "I have always believed that kindness is the greatest virtue. I love that I am able to pour some into the world. But moreover, I love that I open my arms for any changes happening in my life. When I realised that nothing is the world remains same, I became aware of the changes and I started accepting everything life gave me." - Sushma Karki


GitanJali Karki

"I am the kind of person who doesn't like to talk much about themself but if I have to thenI would say the things I like about myself is that I am very soft hearted and kind. Thats the first compliment I always get from people. I have always believed in the power of kindness, one act of kindness can change the world and also I am always into giving back to needy people because no matter what you achieve in your life, its gonna feel really empty if we all don't have the ability to give back. This applies to my personal and professional life." - Gitanjali Karki

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